How to Use Amazon FBA to Automatically Fulfill Shopify Orders

December 1, 2022
6 min read
How to Fulfill Shopify Orders with Amazon FBA Multi-Channel Fulfillment - App

How to Use Amazon FBA to Automatically Fulfill Shopify Orders

Why pack, label, and ship your products, when you can have Amazon do it at twice the speed and a fraction of the cost? Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfillment feature allows you to send items from your FBA inventory to any customer anywhere in the world. Our Amazon MCF FBA App allows you to automate this process with minimal setup.

Getting Your Inventory to Amazon

You may already have an Amazon Seller Central account, in which case you will have access to Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) offering. Otherwise, create a Seller Central account. Once you create a Seller Central account you will be able to add the products you sell to the Amazon marketplace. If you are reselling products, make sure that you have permission to sell these items on Amazon. You may need to contact the brand selling these products and request permission.

If you are a private label seller or independent brand, you will need to attain a universally accepted product ID code such as a UPC or GTIN code. The product listing on Amazon will require other essential information such as package dimensions, weight, category, and SKU. To make matching your Shopify products to Amazon products easier, use the same SKU in both listings. This applies to all product variations or children products.

Download Amazon FBA MCF Fulfillment Pro

To automatically connect your Seller Central account with Shopify, simply download Amazon FBA MCF Fulfillment Pro. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click ‘Connect Seller Central’
  2. Login and accept the required permissions
  3. Navigate to ‘Product Sync’
  4. Click ‘Sync Inventory’ to import products from both Shopify and Amazon to the table
Sync Amazon FBA Inventory to Shopify
Sync Amazon FBA Inventory to Shopify
  1. Click ‘Sync SKUs’ to automatically match Shopify products to Amazon products based on SKU. If your SKUs do not match, skip this step.
Sync Amazon SKUs to Shopify
Sync Amazon SKUs to Shopify
  1. Navigate to ‘Configuration’
  2. Select your preferences
  3. To automatically ship orders for matching to SKUs using FBA’s Multi-Channel Fulfillment, select ‘Automatically Fulfill Orders via Amazon for Synced SKUs’
Automatically Ship Shopify Orders Using Amazon FBA MCF
Automatically Ship Shopify Orders Using Amazon FBA MCF

Keep Track of Orders

Once you finish syncing your Shopify and Amazon products using Amazon FBA MCF Fulfillment Pro, orders for synced products will begin to automatically fulfill via FBA. Especially shortly after implementing this integration, it is important to monitor orders. Orders will be fulfilled using the exact information entered by customers. Shipping options can also be configured and you should make sure that the shipping options for your synced products match your Amazon fulfillment settings. These settings can be configured in ‘Configuration’ in the app.

You can track orders in the ‘Orders’ page of the app. Here you can monitor the Amazon shipping status and ensure that the Shopify shipping status is reflected. Your customers will receive updates as they normally would during the fulfillment process. Make sure that your Shopify customer notification settings are configured as intended. Amazon FBA MCF Fulfillment Pro will automatically import tracking information into the Shopify order, sending notifications to customers according to your Shopify settings.

Next Steps

Amazon FBA is more flexible and can be more affordable than many other third party logistics providers. Our integration makes fulfilling orders using existing FBA inventory seamless. With fulfillment taken care of, you could focus on other aspects of your business. Spend less time packing and tagging and more time branding your e-commerce store.

For all step-by-step visual guide, check out our full-length video tutorial on how to fulfill Shopify orders using Amazon FBA.

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