Using Amazon FBA as a Third Party Logistics Provider Replacement

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December 7, 2022
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Amazon FBA as a Third Party Logistics Provider Replacement

As a Shopify merchant, you’re always looking for ways to increase efficiency and lower costs. Third p​​arty logistics (3PL) solutions can be a great way to achieve both of these goals, and Amazon is a great alternative to 3PL solutions that could have high premiums and minimum inventory requirements.

About Amazon’s FBA Services

Amazon’s FBA  services are comprehensive and cost-effective, helping you manage inventory, shipping, and returns. With Amazon’s Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) offering, you can store your products in Amazon warehouses and have them shipped directly to your customers. This eliminates the need for you to purchase or rent storage space, while utilizing Amazon’s tremendous economies of scale to reduce your shipping costs.

Amazon also offers a wide range of services to help you manage your inventory. Their inventory management capabilities allow you to track your products in real-time, monitor stock levels, set reorder points, and more. This helps you avoid stock-outs and make sure you always have the products your customers need. 

Amazon’s customer service is reliable, with 24/7 support and a variety of tools to help you provide excellent customer service. This includes automated customer service tools, as well as access to human customer service agents. Whether you have lost inventory, incorrectly measured items, or other logistical issues, you can easily address such common issues by filling out a form. Amazon is great at addressing these issues in a reasonable timeframe.

Amazon FBA Compared to Other 3PL Service

Other 3PL services give sellers the ability to customize their fulfillment and shipping process to their exact needs. Sellers could specify parameters around their inventory management and can add additional services such as value-added services or kitting. The tradeoff is that other 3PLs require you to maintain a large enough stock to make taking you on as a customer worth their while. For many merchants operating on smaller scales, these requirements can be unreasonable.

Amazon also has a huge advantage when it comes to labor and reliability. During peak seasons or labor shortages, other 3PLs have been known to violate their service level agreements and underdeliver overall. This can be frustrating for both merchants and customers.


Overall, Amazon’s 3PL services are a great way to streamline your e-commerce business and lower costs. With Amazon’s comprehensive inventory management, customer service, and competitive shipping rates, it’s no wonder why so many e-commerce businesses are choosing Amazon as their 3PL solution.

To integrate your Amazon account with your Shopify account, use our FBA to Shopify integration app.

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