Dojo Multi-Channel Fulfillment


Automatically fulfill Shopify product orders with FBA by syncing your Seller Central Account with Shopify.


Integrate FBA into Shopify, fulfill Shopify orders with FBA, sync Shopify products with Seller Central


Seamless integration with just a few clicks

Our Dojo Shopify-FBA Auto Fulfillment app allows Shopify merchants to sync their own fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) products from their Amazon store with just a few clicks. Simply connect your Amazon Seller Central account to our app to get started. Click the sync button to begin importing your FBA products to the Shopify app.

Our app will automatically match your FBA products from your selected Seller Central account with the products already added to your Shopify store. If there are any inconsistencies, simply edit the products in the Product Sync section.

Once your SKUs are synced and matched, our app will direct all order fulfillment to FBA via your Seller Central Account. Permissions can be granted on a per-SKU basis and settings can be easily configured so that you can provide customers with the exact experience you would like. Automatically deliver tracking information, customize label messaging, and control shipping triggers.

Download the Dojo Apps' Amazon MCF FBA Integration App now.