Dojo Post Purchase Survey


A customizable survey app that allows you to ask customers valuable NPS and attribution questions after check out.


Choose from a survey format and add a post purchase survey to your order status page. Customers will see this survey upon checkout.


Dojo Post Purchase Survey integrates seamlessly with any theme. Simply publish your survey and it will appear at the order status page.

Dojo Post Purchase Survey lets you learn about your customers
Our detailed analytics tools allow you to break down your customers' orders and gain insights into your customers' purchasing decisions. Order attribution allows you to understand why customers make purchases and how customers interact with your store. We break down customer responses by average order volume (AOV), volume, and percent. Break down responses by day, week, or month. Click on any response to learn exactly who responded to each question and see what each respondent ordered.

Create surveys that suit your needs:
-Single Response Survey: Customers can select one response with the option for logical jumps to subsequent questions.-Multi Response Survey: Customers can select one or more response.

-Free Response Survey: Customers can type their own response.

-Each survey option includes an additional free response option

-Choose your audience: repeat customers, new customers, or all customers

-Choose survey frequency: always or once

Encourage customer loyalty and repeat purchases
-Use our discount incentive tool to incentivize survey actions while promoting customer loyalty. A discount can be provided at the end of each survey to be applied to the customer's next purchase.

Seamless integration
-Simply publish your survey with the flick of a switch.

-The post purchase survey will appear at the end of each purchase in the order status page.

-There is no additional styling needed. The survey will simply integrate with your theme.