Quizly - Product Filter Quiz


Create quizzes with our intuitive quiz flow creation process. Our quizzes use conditional logic to allow merchants to guide customers.


Boost conversions, product recommendations, interactive quiz


Drag and drop the quiz as an app block. Seamlessly integrate our Quiz Filter App with your theme using customizable fonts and backgrounds.

Key Benefits:
-Increase conversions

-Minimize bounce rate-Interact with your customers

The Quiz Filter App is very user friendly and takes just a few minutes to set up:
-Integrated app block for convenient placement

-Drafts and published sections for demos and testing

-Quiz previews available in-appConnect and add questions with the push of a button-Navigate between questions with breadcrumbs-Shopify native tags integrated seamlessly

Customize your quiz on the front-end to suit your theme:
-Flexible image or color background to match your theme

-Changeable fonts to match your theme

-Changeable headings and text