Social Shopper Pro - Instagram

Connect your Instagram account to Shopify with Social Shopper Pro - Instagram.

Social Shopper Pro allows you to connect your Instagram account directly in Shopify so that you can import your Instagram posts and display them in your theme. This is a plug and play app with minimal setup required. Just connect your account with the click of a button and your Instagram posts will be automatically imported.

Connect your Instagram Account to Shopify

Create multiple feeds

Create as many feeds as you'd like and add posts from your Instagram account to each display feed. Choose the display feed that you would like to display in your theme in the Display Feed field on top.

Create Custom Feeds to Display Instagram Posts in your Shopify Theme

Add these feeds to your theme by heading to Themes>Customize and adding the Social Shopper Pro app block. You can create your own header and choose a font style and size to match your theme

Customize feeds through App Blocks

Shopify App Blocks

Shopify 2.0+ themes have native app blocks that allow you to place app blocks in sections and move them freely throughout your theme.

Tag posts with products to leverage social proof in your shopping experience

Tag Products

You can tag posts with your products so that customers can view posts and shop for your products based on Instagram posts.

Download Social Shopper Pro - Instagram from the Shopify App Store for free.